Solving Current & Emerging 21st Century Challenging Problem Sets Require Team Work. Nothing Less

Everything is connected

Alexander Von Humboldt, the 18th-century scientist and explorer, world famous in his time, was the first to explain the fundamental functions of the mountains and rain forest for the ecosystem and climate, claiming that the world is a single interconnected organism.

Everything is connected. This is the concept of nature as we know it today. According to Von Humboldt, everything, to the smallest creature, has its role and together makes the whole, in which humankind is just one small part.

Introducing Arthur Strategies & Systems

Arthur Strategies & Systems believes that the 21st Century, with its human, societal, ecological and economical challenges clearly reconfirms and re-establishes Von Humboldt’s view and statement. We are all connected in this dynamic world, and to an increasing extent interconnected and hyperconnected. We help design, build, deploy and sustain these ecosystems, and ecosystems of ecosystems.

Meanwhile, in this Digital Age, technology has outstripped our societal, economical and legal frameworks. How to catch up, and keep up? That’s one of the other key missions of Arthur Strategies & Systems.

We have been working on these challenges for two decades already and have ramped up on those, and have even chosen to decicate a seperate website on it:


Digital technology changes the world at a fast pace. Yet, Humans are underrated. Build, enhance & retain trust with the combination of human brain power, purpose & passion, machines, algorithms, data & accountability.

We call that the Multiplicity Approach: a dynamic symbiotic combination of diverse groups of people that work together with diverse groups of human-centric machines, algorithms and capabilities to identify, address & solve problems, make & execute decisions, and double-loop to never-stop-learning.

This is Team Sport

This is a Challenging Problem Set. There is No One Solution. There is No One Group with the Answer. There is No One Technical Fixture. This is about Working Together, as Teams. To Achieve Outcomes. This is a Team Sport.

Therefore, Arthur Strategies & Systems operates as a distributed, interdisciplinary organisation, where we build, organise, deploy and manage special teams; per program, per project and per event.

In order to work on solving the current and emerging 21st Century challenging problem sets, we need (A) to team up with all the human brainpower available; from young and old; from junior to senior, left side of the brain AND the right side of the brain; from anybody, and (B) responsibly augment and otherwise amplify all that knowledge, experience, lessons-learned, competences and capabilities, for good.